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American Medical Scientists Gave Their Warnings Several Years Ago:
Prevention, not an early diagnosis, of cancer is most important.
Now we quote from "the 12 Points for Cancer Prevention", as supervised by the National Cancer Research Center.

1. Balance of nutrition intake
2. Variety of food
3. No overeating and less fat
4. Moderate amount of drink
5. Smoking less
6. Proper vitamin and fiber from food
7. Not eating too salty or too hot
8. Not eating the burnt food
9. Not eating the mildewed food
10. Not too much exposure to sunlight
11. Proper sports activities
12. A clean and hygienic habit for yourself

The 12 points are a very good summary from the experience of cancer experts. If you follow the advice, your chances to be troubled by cancer will be greatly reduced. And you must notice: 8 out of 12 are closely related with your food. In other words, your daily food is an important factor for the prevention of cancer.

According to our cancer experts, 30% of cancer cases can be prevented, if you pay great attention to your daily food. Another 30% are from nonsmoking. So 60% of possible prevention of cancer is from your health care.

The best functions of FIR are summarized in the following:

1. Really excellent for lingering diseases, esp. for cancer.
2. For alleviation of rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and reducing the density of uric acid.
3. Very effective for chronic arthritis, and also for asthma.
4. For better blood circulation of chronic nephritis patients, reducing blood pressure and improving urination.
5. Strengthening regenerative ability of the healthy tissues of patients with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer.
6. Effectively improving the blood circulation of the anus veins for piles patients.
7. Also good for the diseases such as pains of back, shoulder, neck, muscles, paralysis, sciatica, insomnia, neuralgia, and of abnormal nerve functions, skin aging, chapping, high blood pressure, chilblains and pimples.

Source: Far Infrared Ray-Scientific Therapy

Anti-Cancer Far Infrared Rays

Cancer cell is the "archcriminal" of cancer. Yet it is a common cell, nothing very special. It could be a cell in the human body, and we do not know why and when it begins. to change with continual proliferation until it becomes a malignant tumor. So, cancer cell and cancerous tumor are definitely different. If a cancer cell does NOT increase, it is merely a cell. Nothing dangerous. Unfortunately, the worst thing that troubles us is that a cancer cell does increase and proliferate. And, when it does so, it becomes a cancerous tumor, which will be too powerful to put under control.

Cancer is so dreadful not only because of its proliferation but because of its fast spread, just like a sparkle at the beginning. Yet the cancerous toxin will proliferate in the human body. Cancer will not be a dreadful disease without its proliferation, and, if so, the death rate will be sharply cut. When a cancer cell goes into your blood, it begins to rush here and there in your body, and then settles down somewhere. Now the thing is how to prevent the cancerous cell from settling down, without which the cell cannot proliferate. So we say the terrible spread of the cancerous cell is a kind of settling down phenomenon. Once the cell settles down, it proliferates, then the transferring, focus is formed.

The cancerous cell's positioning, or settling down has everything to do with the capillaries, which are at the end of blood vessels. First, the cell is rushing hither and higher -- trying to position itself by going through the capillary, and there could be no settling down, if it goes though. The cell could easily position itself by settling down, however, if it fails to pass the capillary because the capillary is in disorder.

Yet the cancerous cell has its weakness in the resistance against heat, for it could be dead if the temperature goes above 42 C. And FIR has its own heat source which is pervasive. So the best thing is FIR can transmit its heat to the depth of the human body, thus to kill the cancerous cell. FIR has its main function in helping the capillaries to expand, by the heat, and to favor blood circulation. All in all, good blood circulation of the capillaries -- without functional disorder -- leaves no room for the cancerous cell, to settle down, and, because of this, the cell will be killed by the immunocyte, the immunity cell. And there could be no cancerous cells, if the blood circulation is smooth.

Treatment For Alleviating Pain And Prolonging Life

The concept of treating cancer with general warming therapy is something being given another look. Thermal therapy in the form of general warming with far infrared rays is attracting world attention. FIR general thermal treatment is one, which raises body temperature to 42C, then uses that elevated body temperature to kill cancer cells.

Currently, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the three major treatments for cancer. Chemotherapy treatment uses anti-carcinogenic drugs. Even surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are of no further use to terminal stage cancer patients, far infra red radiation general thermal therapy can still play a role by alleviating pain and prolonging life.

In the United States the mainstream thinking on cancer treatment has undergone great changes. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are considered detrimental to health (are invasive treatments).

The reason is that the anti-carcinogen in chemotherapy attack not only cancer cells, but normal cells as well. Conversely, thermal therapy and immunotherapy are regarded as noninvasive. In other words, they qualify as non-detrimental therapies which are being highly evaluated.

Immunotherapy is one which uses immune system enhancing substances. It is different from using anti-carcinogen. It is a positive drug, which does no harm and in fact, enhances a patient's immunity. However, doubts persist about the efficacy of immunotherapy, and the need for future development and study still remain.

We are convinced that noninvasive therapies will be the only form of cancer treatment in the 21st century. We deeply believe that among noninvasive therapies, only FIR general thermal therapy -- on which we are currently engaged in active research -- is showing some amazing promise.

Source: "Far Infrared Red- Hopes For Cancer"






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