Chiropractors, Therapists, Etc


In-Office Use

Chiropractors and Therapists can use the Chi Machine with their patients, to help improve overall health. The use of the Chi Machine will also help to relax your patient prior to their adjustment.

To eliminate idle waiting time for your patients, we suggest you take them into a quiet room. Allow them to lay either on a floor mat or an adjustment table. Turn on the Chi Machine and set timer for 3-5 minutes . Be sure to instruct them to lay perfectly still until you return to give them their adjustment. After you have given your patient their adjustment, it is possible to place them on the Chi Machine again for another 3-5 minutes, allowing them to rest for two to three minutes when the machine stops. After the two to three minutes, they will be finished.

This modality is billed under California Workman's Compensation Fee Schedule Physical Medicine. Patient sessions will range approximately 10 minutes total, at the rate of $18.45 per visit. In this manner the investment in the Chi Machine is almost immediately recouped using RVS Code 97012, for unattended service, office call (Therapeutic Exercise).

Also the machine may be billed at $480.00 + tax, for Therapeutic Exercise Orthopedic RVS Code 97070, for Home Use, application 2 times a day, 10 minutes each.


California Workman's Compensation
Fee Schedule -- Physical Medicine
Orthopedic Cost of Machine

Home Use Application 2 X's A Day
RVS Code 99070
Therapeutic Exercise $480.00 + Tax


Office Call Therapeutic Exercise

Unattended Service
RVS Code 97012
10 minutes $18.45


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