David Bentrud
S.W.A.T. Team-Criminal Justice Teacher- Police Sergeant
Rice, MN

"The Chi Machine has been very beneficial in alleviating the effects of stress. It has also been proven to be a vital catalyst in the Oxygen and detoxification process. I plan to recommend the Chi Machine to fellow workers and students, as a valuable means to achieve and maintain optimum health."


Nora El Gammal
Kyphi Aromatherapy Inc.
Registered Reflexologist, Registered Aromatherapist
Markham, Ontario

“My name is Nora, Canadian Natural Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and founder of Kyphi Aromatherapy Inc. I was first introduced to the Chi Machine through my colleague and my reflexology therapist, Pat Malone. While on my first few minutes on the machine I immediately enjoyed the vibration that came through my body and into my head. I was particularly conscious of its movement in my stomach area. With a weak colon, I felt this must be quite beneficial. With my poor blood circulation in general the last few minutes and after the time ended I was certain I had my blood moving all over my body. I particularly loved the great sensation when the machine stopped and the final moments of relaxation ran through my body. I loved it! With little time for exercise at the gym I knew this was my answer. I purchased the Chi Machine for myself, my family and my clients who will experience the chi after my regular treatments for the final touch of relaxation. I urge everyone to give the Chi Machine a few moments of their time and experience the benefits. Thank you Pat for introducing me to this wonderful experience!"


Dr. Carlos R. Lopez
Plano, TX 75023

"I currently use HTE's products for my own personal wellness. I am actively on a mission to promote HTE's products to many other Medical professionals. I feel that all medical fields should use and promote HTE's products for continued wellness for everyone."


Michael Padeken, M.E.R.
Licensed Special Education Instructor
Provo, Utah

“The SunAncon Massager has the potential of providing many benefits to my students of specific learning disabilities. I believe that the calming effect of its motion will benefit children with hyperactive - attention disorders. The oxygenation of the bloodstream will increase the mental receptivity of my students with learning disabilities. The uniqueness and novelty of the massager would be an incentive to students with behavior disorders incorporated into their reward system for task completion and behavior management. I look forward to the use of the machine for my students who could benefit from its use. Of course, this would be used with the School District and parents of my students giving documented approval."


Carol A. Stall
Yoga Instructor
Namaste USA
Richardson, TX

“I have been the sole proprietor of Carol Stall Yoga & Bodywork, a holistic business offering yoga classes and bodywork for private clients in the Dallas area since 1990. In 1996 I purchased my first Sun Ancon Chi Machine. As I had experienced the health enhancing benefits of being on The Chi Machine prior to purchasing my own machine, I quickly realized that this would be of tremendous benefit to my bodywork clients.

I began using The Chi Machine with all my clients, having them begin their sessions on The Chi Machine. My clients love their time on The Chi Machine and report that it not only helps them to relax more quickly but also helps their bodies to hold the benefits of their bodywork sessions for a longer time.

From my perspective, using The Chi Machine with my clients makes my work much easier and less stressful on my hands, shoulders, arms, and back. Because the client’s body and mind are already more relaxed when I begin the session with them, I am able to do more with them in the allotted appointment time.

I am now the co-owner of Namaste USA, a Yoga Teacher Training program that offers 200 and 500-hour certifications. I now wish to become a Distributor in order to introduce the benefits of The Chi Machine to a whole new circle of prospective health oriented consumers."


Shanda Hamon
Holistic Health Practitioner
San Diego, CA 92028

“I find The Chi Machine helps increase blood as well as lymphatic circulation similar to a full body massage. The Chi Machine also increases spinal mobility, and relaxes muscles so that I am able to give better massages. I place my customers on The Chi Machine before I perform my massages and I use it personally at the end of everyday. I also find the Chi Machine even helps relax my arms and hands after a long busy day.”


Preventive Health Resources Clinic
Teresa Griffin, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Naturopath
Dr. Bob Griffen- Certified Pastoral Counselor, Doctor of Ministries
Casper, WY 82604

"We have been using The Chi Machine and the FIR HotHouse for a number of years both PERSONALLY in our home and PROFESSIONALLY in our Clinic.

To say we are pleased with the quality of the product and its effectiveness in helping with the exercise and oxygenation of the body would be an understatement."


Lori Lamothe
Allergies Lifestyle & Health
Nutritionist on staff
Eatonville, WA 98328

"Staff and clients use the Chi machine at our office. We have had extremely positive results, such as weight loss and reduction of headaches!"


Carla Peppler
NEX Health Centre
Natural Health Consultant, Natural Medicine, Nurse Practitioner
Hanover, Ontario

“We use the Chi Machine & 3 hot houses in our health centre, in conjunction with other natural therapies to reduce pain, detoxify the body, enhance the lymphatic system & increase vitality and well -being. We have several clients who complained of severe back pain & after being on the machine for 10 minutes their back pain disappeared. The 3 HotHouses with The Chi Machine have helped our cancer patients with pain relief and increased their sense of well-being."


Lori Crookshanks
Natural Health Consultant
Mentor, OH 44060

"I have been working with people for the past 5 years. My main focus has been cancer patients, but I work with clients faced with many of our common health challenges. Parasites, viruses, toxicity, sciatica, circulation problems, MS, migraines, cholesterol, high blood pressure and many others are all to common today. I want everyone I meet to know that there are many ways to relieve these health challenges without the constant use of drugs. Our bodies are amazing and when given the proper fuel and the right tools, we can correct many of those health challenges. Since using The Chi Machine daily myself, I have eliminated my daily upper back pains. I have seen many other people overcome aches and pains in a very short period of time. I share this machine because people can use it in their own home daily and it will save them time and money when they can eliminate frequent doctor visits. I am very excited to be working with people everyday who are taking control of their overall health and well-being. I do know that this machine will be helpful to many of my clients."


Aurora Salazar
Natural Health Consultant
Ceres, CA

“As a consultant of natural health, The Chi Machine has helped a lot of my patients feel good about themselves. Those that have digestion problems have been feeling better, and I also use the machines for physical therapy patients that I think would need it. We aren't the type of people that go out and buy anything just to buy it, but after reading the information about The Chi Machine and how you benefit from it, I thought hey, maybe it's worthy buying. To my patients, I tell them to use The Chi Machine because it reduces their tension and stress. One of my patients had back pain that he no longer suffers from. Many of my patients also feel their blood circulation has improved."

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