Advanced Electro Reflex EnergizerTM 



Sit down and get comfortable. Place your feet on top of the machine. Begin with five minute sessions in mode one. This frequency will break up pockets of toxins, clusters of Parasites, and radiation. After several treatments, time and mode may be increased.

  • Mode 1 for toxin removal - the set of muscles in the bottom central region of the feet, as well as the inner set of muscles of the calves.
  • Mode 2 is both relaxing and healing - stimulates the muscles on top of the feet, in the outer calf, and in the ankles.
  • Mode 3 is both massaging and healing - sends a pattern of impulses combining pounding, "pins and needles" and squeezing (like a stretch after exercise) to fully relax the muscles upon completion of the therapy - stimulate neck of toes.

If there is any discomfort in modes 2 or 3, simply go back to a lower mode for awhile. Drink plenty of water after every session, because you are detoxifying your cells.

For ultimate conductivity, place a wet paper towel on each foot pad. You may even use Essential  Oils  if you like. A wet paper towel may be essential for users with dry or calloused feet. The skin must be bare to get the full effect - no socks or stockings.

How Long For Each Session:

Each treatment session should not exceed 30 minutes. Three treatments per day maximum.



As the body heals, re-balances and detoxifies, some people may become tired. People with yeast challenges may experience skin eruptions or flaking skin. A few people may experience diarrhea or feel slightly nauseated. Do NOT be alarmed. Do not stop treatments. The body is passing through a natural healing and cleansing stage, and the results will speak for themselves.


When Not To Use:
The above unit should NOT be used if you have any open sores - a serious heart condition - if using a pacemaker or implanted heartbeat regulators - if you have seriously high blood pressure. Also inadvisable during pregnancy, breast feeding and menstruation.


Additional Information: 

  • Electro pads life may be extended by gently washing them with soap and water and then let dry.
  • If you change modes whilst in use, switch machine off and on again. Flashing lights indicate machine is generating energy and ready to use. If you see a straight light at any time with no flashing, no energy is being generated, so simply turn the machine off and then on again.
  • The Electro Reflex Energizer may feel too strong for some users who prefer a less intense body treatment. If you one of these people, please be advised in advance this is a very powerful stimuli. Of course you may simply use the lowest settings and increase the intensity as you desire.

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