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Within two weeks of beginning to use the Far Infared Hot House, I noticed that a large stubborn skin cancer, which had been resisting all holistic approaches, looked different. In six weeks it was gone without a trace. I now take the Hot House to bed. I use it one to two hours each night, beginning late in the afternoon, before bed. I intend to purchase one or two more Far Infared Hot Houses so I can cover my whole body at one time. I put it over my head and face. My eyes, my skin and my sinus are all improving. My sinuses don't bother me anymore. This is a very welcome and exciting experience for me.

Gail Gaylor

I use Hsin Ten Co. products. The very first time I saw the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder, I was convinced that is would be the best thing for my family's thermal therapy. I really appreciate what Hsin Ten Enterprise has done for mankind---for their insight and courage to develop the best health equipment for patients with chronic diseases like I have.

When I am Taiwan, I often visited the sauna center, so the concept of the FIR Health Builder was not an entirely new idea to me. I often tell others that the first thing I do whenever I return to Taiwan is to put down my luggage and dash to the sauna center. When the HOTHOUSE FIR health builder arrived at my home, I really did not know where to start from my neck down or from my feet up, since I hurt all over. Finally, I decided to start from my feet.

One day in October 1996, a sudden pain and numbness attacked me from my calf down, and the numbness became increasingly serious. Why such pain? I had not hurt myself or injured any part of my legs! Yes it tormented me so much and I could no longer bear the pain, stiffness, and numbness---especially when I woke up at midnight and I could not bear to put my feet on the floor. "I must find the reason for this," I told myself.

It was too painful when the needles for acupuncture were twisted into my legs, and foot massage would only alleviate the pain a little bit---there was no cure. And, I didn't have the time to go for treatment as often as I needed. I could only make it once a week. I am only 50---not so old. Poor me! What will 70 be like? I used to get heartsick every time I saw old woman in their wheelchairs. I vowed that I should never end up like that.

I have to tell you, what a comfort it is when you are enjoying FIR thermal treatments at home--You can even read while doing it! I really love the HOTHOUSE FIR health device. I used to have one hour of FIR irradiation for my feet every day. Now, there has been a steady improvement in my health. I do not need the shin-guards anymore. I feel cheerful and energetic. The discomfort and pain have disappeared. No more stiffness or numbness when I wake up at night. It has been less than three months! I am very grateful to Hsin Ten Enterprises and its products.

For a long time I suffered from a duodenal ulcer, and the only thing I could digest was thin noodles. Very often it would take as long as four hours before the food in my stomach was fully digested. That was a particularly trying period for me to rest the efficacy of the HOTHOUSE for my stomach and intestines, I was bold enough to stop taking medication. Instead, I use the device to irradiate directly into my stomach. In no more than five minutes my stomach began rumbling, then belching. For even better results, I also took some Total Enzymes by mouth and also mixed some enzymes in aloe juice and applied it to my face for skin care.

Now my stomach can accept more varieties of food. However, I maintain a rule of eating smaller meals and eating more meals each day. My hope is that the HOTHOUSE plus three small bags of Total Enzymes will help me gain full recovery of my gastrointestinal functions and cure the persistent ulcer. I know they have greatly improved my digestion, especially after taking enzymes which greatly comforted my stomach.

In 1994, my menopause began and it was accompanied by a decline in hormones. I could hardly recognize myself nor control my health. I suffered from mastitis. I have to say I was a little better after taking 200 doses of traditional Chinese medicine, yet the pain remained. I had to resort to the HOTHOUSE FIR device, and I thought it had to help in killing the infection. After less than three months, the pain was greatly reduced and I seldom caught cold or if I did, the cold would go away without taking medicine. Now my skin looks very smooth and beautiful.

To get the maximum benefit from the HOTHOUSE, I have decided to purchase another one, so that I can use two at the same time---one for my neck and one for my feet. I have a firm belief in them. Thank Jesus that I could come to know about Hsin Ten products. Thanks be to Hsin Ten and its people for their great contribution to our good health.

Ling-yuh YANG

I am writing to tell you how much we LOVE, the Hot House. Dr. Ted and I are raising an 11 year old granddaughter and she gets up early in the morning so she can use the Chi Machine and the Hot House before going to school and she also runs to the Chi Machine and Hot House right after school. This tells us something; they say out of the mouth of babes comes gems, so I'd say actions speak louder than words.

We have a client named Lillian, who signed up for hospice services. She hadn't been able to eat for months, so she was down to 89 pounds and has been using a wheel chair off and on since we started working with her in February. We really bought the Hot House to help her as they had spent most of their savings being treated in Mexico. Her husband comes every morning at 9:00 AM to borrow our Chi Machine and Hot House, and returns them by noon. We start working at 1:00 PM and continue until 6:00 PM. After three weeks, Lillian can now eat and on Thanksgiving day, she ate a full meal, which was her holiday wish.

Sugar Novak

I have been in very poor health since my childhood, and I suffered from serious anemia during my school girl days. During the morning meetings at school, I often fainted and collapsed. In order to know more about health care and to improve my health, I entered a nursing school at Taiwan City in Taiwan following middle school.

Yet, in the 20 years following marriage, my health had deteriorated --- various kinds of diseases befell me one after another: piles, gastropotosis, diarrhea for unknown reasons, Hepatitis B, protrusion of the intervertebral disks (3-4 sections), weak bladder, hip and back ache, etc. The worst thing was that if I did not sleep well or became exhausted, I would suffer an unrelenting attack of hematuria. I also suffered from melalgia, stomachache, and often felt my mouth parched and tongue scorched and bitter tasting. All these maladies tortured me and turned me into such a sorry female creature with a hunched back, protruding belly, gray and pale face,gloomy and dark complexion --- having lost all the charming features of the fair lady I once was. I surely had never enjoyed the full pleasures of human life.

During the long years of my illness (before I became a normal, healthy person), I visited countless famous doctors, including physicians, surgeons, gynecologists, spinal treatment centers, etc. I also practiced yoga, and external chi gong ... I tried what I could-regardless of cost -trying in vain to rid myself of the illnesses. I had lost all hope as all treatments turned out to be simple means for alleviating pain, and not for treating the cause.

Just at that crucial moment in my life, my younger sister sincerely suggested that I try using the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder. I flatly refused. I reasoned that if it really was so effective against all diseases, why then would the national government be spending huge amount of money on training doctors and nurses, and on purchasing medical equipment? I argued with my sister so heatedly that I almost had a falling out with her and I advised her to stop harming others as well as herself by promoting this device.

My health was not on the mend and my sister, with her unflagging patience, continued to insist on my coming to her home to just have a try of the HOTHOUSE. So I finally gave in and accepted her kind invitation to use it but, only to give it a try. It was just that "try" that marked a great turning point for the better in my health and also a turning point in my new hope and my new life because the HOTHOUSE device had a profound effect on me and totally surprised me. I know I had been stubborn and firmly against the use of the HOTHOUSE and yet I had to admit its good efficacy since all my pains and discomforts had gone.

Perseverance leads to success. One must persist in using the HOTHOUSE in order to get satisfactory results. On the very day I realized that it was really effective, I ordered a HOTHOUSE and a Chi Machine from my sister, paying a total of US$1359.00(+tax). From that day on I have been using them every day: once in the morning, once in the evening. Now I have real life, and I look as healthy and normal as everybody else. All the long-term illnesses seemingly have "gone with the wind." My face is glowing with a healthy charm and it looks much younger. I am working as a nurse at a geriatric home and in the eyes my colleagues, I look to be only 30 years old.

I owe all my thanks to my younger sister, Shu-Lin, who went to great effort to convince me to try the device and then helped me in using the HOTHOUSE. My sincere wish is that every reader of this brochure can enjoy the happiness of being healthy and beautiful. May you have eternal youth and good health. Let's work together to drive away all illnesses.

Shu-chen LIN CHANG

My name is Ke Shuo Huang. I'd like to take this opportunity to share my personal life's journey how I, once a burden to my family, having lost interests in life, was transformed into a person, who now takes on life full of confidence, and who now has boldly developed a new career and have dedicated myself to it.

My husband used to own a convenience store and a hardware store. I had five children, two of whom are twins. All are well educated -- some with Master's and Doctor's degrees. I was considered a very lucky person. For the sake of family - my sons and daughters - I toiled and moiled. However, sad events were not far away. I might be considered tall. I gave birth to twins and I did not have what might be considered a good posture. All of these factors triggered in me an occupational disease. I suffered from severe vertebra lordosis and dislocation. At the age of 42 my body began to ache. At 45, 1 began to wear an osteopathic iron jacket. When lying down, I was extremely uncomfortable. I only managed to sleep by lying on my stomach. I would toss and turn trying to fall asleep. During the day, my work efficiency was almost nil.

My suffering during that period was beyond belief and description. I went to doctors of Chinese herbal medicine, of internal medicine, and to temples. Whenever I heard something relative to my disease, I would go for consultation and seek help. Whenever I heard of something that might be efficaciousness I would become nearly obsessed. Within the span of five years or so I traveled nearly all over the country trying to find the cause for this disease in order to relieve my agony. I heard all sorts of ridiculous diagnoses. I hoped against hope that the money I spent would diminish the disaster I was facing. Nevertheless, I was deceived and cheated by unscrupulous doctors. I spent money to no avail. I wasted some five or six years. Wearing the osteopathic iron jacket only reduced further aggravation to the disease, but it did not bring a cure or dramatic improvement. Despairing of this lingering disease, I surrendered. I considered having an operation but I was afraid of sequelae. The torture propelled me to have the operation. It was just like gambling. I talked to my family and then checked into the hospital. Before the operation I stayed in the hospital and had a series of examinations and was observed. Sixteen X-rays were taken. When I was finally discharged from the hospital, I couldn't even raise my head let alone stand up or go to the toilet.

Doctors assessed the extent of my disease during a one-week comprehensive check-up. They told me that there was no guarantee that the operation would guarantee me a full recovery. Some cases like mine, they said, were successful and some ended in failure. This was a hard blow to me. I felt that the operation had been a high risk. Then, the physical therapy commenced. Every day I went back and forth between home and hospital undergoing a series of physical therapies such as traction, thermal application, and electrical stimulation. Still I dreaded that my disease would worsen.

My close friend Chong Shian Yang, President-level distributor of Hsin Ten, shared with me his experiences with the Chi Machine when he had first joined Hsin Ten. I immediately bought one in order to sing my own praises. I didn't have any confidence at all - the idea that his simple machine could possibly cure my disease was incredible. I only used it one or two times, then I stopped. I missed God's blessing by a hair's breadth. In December 1996 I had the opportunity to use the HOTHOUSE FIR Health Builder. I used it only as a thermal therapy machine. I had suffered for such a long time and had received this kind of treatment before. Finally, I had found an appliance I could trust. From then on, I used it every chance I had. I also asked a technician to build a frame for FIR Health Builder. After three months I was beginning to see the beneficial effect of the machine and my confidence in Hsin Ten products grew. Then, I also started to use Chi Machine again - something that had been gathering dust.

I began to use that product on Dec. 28, 1996. By mid-February 1997 I was able to sit in a chair without a backrest. I no longer had to sit in a rocking chair. I no longer even had to wear the osteopathic iron jacket. I was a new person. Now, I am passionately moved by the products. I want to share my miraculous experience with people whenever I can. We sold two rental homes and we closed the convenience and hardware stores. Now I am devoted to managing my Hsin Ten business with my husband. We are trying our best to help people find the health that they have lost. Moreover, Hsin Ten is like a big, warm family. Hsin Ten dealers are sweet and enthusiastic. I really love this career. When using the FIR Health Builder. one is not taking pain medicine. Those who suffer from chronic disease must be patient. Persistence will bring the result they seek. I am sharing my magical experience in hopes that all will get their health back.




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