Amethyst Memory Foam Pillow

This is an essential part of Quantum Healing. Our pillow features a therapeutic shape to provide important neck stabilization.
Channels of Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals carry BioMat energetics deep into the cerebral spinal column and brainstem while simultaneously keeping the head cool, allowing the body to receive higher temperatures when used with the BioMat.
This is an important Ayurvedic health concept.
The zippered case can be removed and used as a body wrap for chest, stomach, arms, and legs to assist in relief of many ailments.

Pillow Size  480 x 300x120mm / 19"x12"x4.3"
Net Weight 2.7kg / 6lb
Amethyst Weight 0.7kg
Tourmaline Weight 0.4kg

Elastic Polyurethane Memory Foam Pillow




Recover Your Health And Beauty !
Our Price:  $250.00 
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The ION plays an important roll in keeping us healthy, and the Negative ION is the major health benefactor.

Negative IONS are found everywhere in the air, and are a major element that provides energy to the body....

Negative Ions Nobel Prize!
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Ultrasonic Facial Care System is an advanced and effective product developed by a highly skilled group of scientists, medical professionals and engineers.



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