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The Chi Machine Brochure™
A product that blends the ancient arts with modern technology for a unique experience.
 Ions & Infrared Rays - Amethyst Pillow™
Amazing healing power! Revolutionary Discoveries! Natural Green Jade's Far Infrared Rays
 Rejuvena 2000sl™
Amazing healing power! Revolutionary Discoveries! Where Wonderful Skin Begins
Ions & Infrared Rays - Amethyst Bio Mat 2000mx™
Amazing healing power! Revolutionary Discoveries!
Electro Reflex Energizer™
Powerful Reflexology, Leg and Foot Massage!
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, Alterntive Solutions/Optimal Health - All rights reserved.


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The Zeropoint Continuum Of Life Nano Wand

This Incredible Tool Is The Result Of Ancient Healing Technologies Combined With Scientific Precision And Advancements In Natural Healing


The Portable Alkaline Water Thermos

A Water Bottle That Turns 0rdinary Tap Water Into Healthy Pure Mineralized Alkaline Water


More oxygen in your system means greater endurance...

Aerobic exercise with the Chi Machine takes just 5-20 minutes a day. Five minutes is equivellent to a one mile walk, and 15 minutes is equivelent to a 90 minute brisk walk with none of the impact injury risk of stair stepping or running.

Richway's Bio Pillow

Health is your most important asset. Who needs the Bio Pillow?

Click Here To Find Out More!

US F.D.A.  Medical Device: B075559

Young Living Essential Oils

At Young Living, we are committed to uniting ancient traditions and modern science to promote health and longevity. Through extensive research and commitment to quality, we are dedicated to growing, distilling, manufacturing, and marketing the highest-quality organic essential oils and oil-enhanced products in the world.


Powerful Reflexology, Leg And Foot Massage, and much, much more!


The Advanced
Electro Reflex Energizer



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